Long day

Today for lunch I had packed a homemade general Tsos tofu, which while it was good, isn’t quite as good as when I get it at Chinese restaurants(except lucky star’s. That place’s general Tso tofu is horrendous)

I type this up in a sleepy daze(so please pardon any spelling/grammatical errors for I cannot be bothered to check them at the moment) mostly because I absolutely must share with you this bento box I scored at Goodwill. It is yet another lube sheep box, which will be nice, I’ve given most of mine away. It has a little wear but nothing a thorough cleaning can’t overcome!

Not Dead (yet)!!!

I have been so incredibly busy! I have been eating a lot of food out of my bento boxes but haven’t been remembering to take pictures! Shame on me!

Regardless, this is the bento box I have packed for lunch tomorrow:

image1 (2)

In it is baked potato, cherry tomatoes, a clementine, a pickle, and hiding in the pink silicone cup is a piece of Konpeit Sugar Candy I scored when Sam and I went to Annapolis this past Saturday.

I only packed one because my dad and I tried em out that evening and they took forever to dissolve. They’re pretty much rock candy, but the flavors are pretty interesting.

hunterXhunter Bento

My boyfriend and I have been on a hunterXhunter kick as of late.
I’d have to say my favorite character is Hisoka, so I attempted to make a bento based off of him.


Now, mind you, I used things I already had and kinda just scrounged up from my fridge and freezer, but per usual, it’s all vegan. It didn’t look as Hisoka-like as I’d have liked but I could only do so much with limited time, limited resources, and limited kyaraben making skills.

It didn’t take long to make this, however, at least not much longer than making my usual bento.

I actually cut a bunch of Tofurky slices into hearts from something else I made, so I used one of those selftovers for atop the broccoli and cut another one down smaller for the diamond and the heart.

His hair is a lot more red/orange in the box, but I used the Tofurky Soy Chorizo. Back when I ate animals, most meat based sausages, and even today with vegan sausages, I get upset tummies, so I’m really hoping the tofurky brand doesn’t have whatever causes that. I’m pretty sure it’s some spice, that or the grease. It would have been nice to have some red pepper on hand, I wonder what else I could use aside from dyes to make red hair.

Anyway, broccoli is the vegetable because I wanted to finish off the bag, and I used seitan for the hearts and diamonds in the left hand tier. Hisoka’s outline is made from Nori, and because I only have that one punch, I now see some of the limitations of it.

I also threw a spring roll in each one for good measure. The two bento aren’t exactly protein heavy, but they have enough for one day, I’ll just throw some extra peanut butter into my shake for breakfast tomorrow.


Batch of Bento

I’ve been so busy with school and whatnot that I’ve not had time to post pictures of my bento meals, and in a lot of cases to even take photos.

This semester will be over near mid-December, and I can’t wait for it to be over. It’s been absolutely dreadful and stressful; I really can’t wait to the break where all I need to focus on is my full-time job and the things I want to focus on.

Anyway, here’s just a bunch of pictures of bento meals from when I had more time to play around.

bear bento

potatoes and dumplings

Flower Power

New Age, New Bento Box!


Saturday I stopped by my house to pick up some magic cards to deck build with my boyfriend and there was a box waiting for me.

It didn’t say who it was, and I even joked with Jon about the possibility of it being a bomb since it said time sensitive material on it(to which Jon noted “Then it would REALLY be time sensitive!”).


Anyway, I opened it up and it was a bento box as a present from one of my besties, Jessica! :D



cutest design on the Monbento site appealing to my nerd and vegan tastes.


She got me the bag too! >w<

The bag that came with it is incredibly nice, the touch that really got me excited is the fact that the way the ends are sewn, the bag sits nicely around the rectangle shape- there’s no pointy ends from an over sized bag or anything. It was MADE for Monbento boxes.

I LOVE the color scheme! Everything is so bright! I’ll have to be really careful about microwaving and tomato products in this, however, especially since I’ve read on Amazon that the lighter colors are more prone to staining(naturally).


the plastic covering the pattern was a nice touch too. Can’t have that rubbing off!

IMG_0869And so I present my lunch and dinner for today!

Rolled sandwiches on whole wheat bread with the vegan “Just Mayo”. On the mayonnaise I sprinkled Nutritional Yeast to reduce moisture in the box as well as giving it a pop of yellow. There’s also a slice of Tofurky rolled up in each sandwich half. In the center is a sprig of green onion.

Then I have a few pieces of Gardein- Beefless Beef tips, Tofurky seitan, quick and dirty apple pie, okra, broccoli and baby carrot slices.


Good eatin’ today!