University Lunch 2.0

This morning I lamented about time and speed for eating my lunches and the like, and it all worked out. I had even forgotten I gave myself time before class to go to the college so I can stuff my face before class begins, since the class starts at noon. Then the drive back to work was super quick, and once my community college kicks in, then I’ll be only having to worry about hopping between school and my job and back again one day of the week as opposed to 3.
Something was wrong with my rice, so I ended up trashing it when I got home.
The bento I made for tomorrow looks delectable, and I know some of the treats are!

Today’s bento consists of rice topped with nori punch cutouts(easier than cutting it out and gives it a decorated look), a pack of teriyaki nori, chia pudding, carrot sticks and chick’n karaage made using Gardein. It was so yummy out of the pan earlier, I have high hopes for this little lunch!

Starting University Today!

I’m kinda hype and super nervous!
I don’t have to be up for another hour but I can’t sleep, so I might walk with my sister to her high school bus stop in a few just to get up and get moving.
That said there’s something I HATE about my school schedule. Because of when the class is, it screws up my lunch time, making me more tempted to go with things I can eat on the drive over as opposed to sit-down meals. Meaning less Bento! Oh no! That’s not how school is supposed to work! I’m gonna keep my eyes peeled for a later in the day class in case someone drops it and I’ll see if I can switch, them I also don’t have to leave work at weird times during the day 3 days out of the workweek. I don’t want to take in less than full time pay, but I need study time and such, so we shall see how that goes.
In the meantime, a picture of today’s “lunch”. 2 lion and a bunny peanut butter jelly sandwiches, chia pudding, flax seed crackers, mixed fried berries and rice. I’m not particularly excited about today’s lunch because I’m trying to figure out how I can eat it and rush back to work. I really don’t want to get regulated to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as my college lunches 3 days a week until December, that just sounds dreadful.


Red Bean Bun!

I found this at my local Japanese mart and it’s vegan!

The only ingredients are wheat flour, sugar, red bean and yeast!
The taste and texture of the bready part reminds me of those cake donuts I ate pre-veganism, and the bean paste inside is super good!
I can see myself buying more of these to eat!
That said, the post on the few unprocessed days is coming soon, and the next bento class video should go live today!