The Bento Bear-ing Food!

photo 1 (2)

Rice balls, fried gardein with panko, broccoli and dried fruit

I’ve been incredibly swamped! I ended up taking a few extra minutes to make this bento(because I had some time at the moment)
Super cute right! Well that evening(I didn’t get home till after 11 pm) so my bento for yesterday was very thrown together.

I’ve been so pressed for time that my iphone has a new OS it wants me to download but I’m scared that any changes from what I’m used to will really get in the way in terms of time. I don’t have the time to learn something new aside from at work or through classes. :(

photo 2 (2)

Amy’s vegan mac and cheeze, peas, and a primal strip

ALL the bento!

I’ve been swamped. So much so that a simple blog post about what I’ve been eating hasn’t even one up.
Shame on me! Anyway this is a catchup post so buckle up everyone!

This one was a rushed bento. In it is sweet brown rice, sliced carrot sticks, lychees, grapes, and Gardein!


This one was a bit rushed as well, but even more so than the day before. In it is white sushi rice topped with nori, grapes, lychees and a chopped up Primal Strip.


I had some extra time this day! There’s fried okra, sweet brown rice, lychees, fried Gardein and grapes!


Fried Gardein, okra, lychees, grapes, and mashed potatoes. This one was rather awesome!


This one was leftover city, primal strip, peanut chew, grapes,seeds and mashed taters.


This one was a welcome change. Mashed potatoes, Gardein, lychees, and broccoli! I missed broccoli!