Dio Brando Bento

You thought this was a bento…


but it was me, Dio!

Ya’ll have no idea how proud I am of this bento.

Filled with seitan, carrots, corn, anko, edamame, blueberries, and rice, topped with tofutti vegan cheese detailed with nori.

It was delicious and I was a little sad to eat it. Everyone at work thought it was pretty cool looking too, not knowing about JoJo’s, but knowing right away that it was a villain.

Breakfast Bento

I meant to post this yesterday, and it was tempting to backdate this post, but I don’t like doing that because I fear it may mess up the email updates and such. I’m setting reminders to post on Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday, now. I’m so used to being able to remember without having to check my agenda, but apparently I need to be reminded now.

Anyway, I ate this bento while airborne! In it are vegan buckwheat waffles, maple syrup, zucchini bread, and a Graze flapjack. 

I haven’t had a bento since this one on Thursday morning, because I’m in Quebec, visiting a friend. I’ve been having a lot of fun! I do have bento meals saved for the next few posts, so fear not!

We stumbled into an incredibly cute store that sells bento, but I’ll post more on that later!

Ripped Apart Bento

Because that’s what I did to it with my teeth.

I cut the Devildriver logo out of nori and put it on a slice of tofutti vegan cheese, which I then put on a slice of seitan- evil stuff man.

This bento starte off as “genres hearts and stuff” but as I was jamming to Devildriver(while prepping this) I got a different idea. So, instead of wasting the seitan hearts, it essentially reads out I 💜 Devildriver.

Hey, don’t judge, I’m sure you have a favorite band too! Unless you like country… >___>