Blogging Break

This week I’ve been scrambling to get my posts up, so I’m deciding to take an impromptu break until the end of the month.

I’m not going to force myself to blog. Perhaps this small break will give me reign to get more creative or make the blog better in other ways. I won’t cease making bento, but it’ll also give me a little bit of a backlog of bento boxes for if I get sick or a guest post falls through.
I’m mostly hoping that this will help me with my creativity. :)

See you all on the other side! June First, What What!

The Most Artificial Chicken


So I found Mama’s Artificial Chicken instant ramen at the local Japanese store the other day. I had read before that they are vegan so I snapped up a couple of packs.
So for today’s bento, it’s a spin on Tuesday’s bento, but instead of barbecue themed it’s chick’n themed!

I have Gardein’s chick’n strips on top and for the side(since the noodle pack is really small) I have peas and Girl Scout cookies(thin mints).

Bunny Vegan Kaarage Bento


The photo didn’t come out how I would have liked, and I even managed to get it in the daylight! u,u

That said, I’m super excited for this bento, it’s got all kinds of comfort foods in it!

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy- check.

Fried Gardein Chick’n- check.

Corn- Check.

Peas… Well they’re there. Canned peas are meh. I prefer them when they’re frozen and then cooked, they’re nowhere near as mushy.

>w< Onigiri Bento


Today’s bento I threw together haphazardly last night. The only thing that went into this bento with forethought was starting the rice cooker up before I hopped in the shower!
This bento is a bit of a hodgepodge, it’s got edamame, baby carrots, celery, Gardein’s Crispy Tenders, baby corn, Gardein’s Beefless Tips, and an onigiri with a half an umeboshi inside. I’m still trying to acquire the taste of umeboshi and it’s going slowly, but it’s basically the same way I grew accustomed and eventually to love Black Licorice. A little bit here, a little bit there and then suddenly I’ll be hooked.

Barbecue Noodles

IMG_0885v2Today’s bento is extremely yummy! I had a sample of it last night because I made too much and let’s just say I’m excited for lunch to get here.

I took Nissin’s Instant Ramen, Oriental Flavor and cooked up the noodles. I drained off the water then mixed in the seasoning. Then I added vegan cheese because why wouldn’t I?

I topped it off with Morningstar’s vegan Hickory BBQ Riblets.

So yummy!