On Less Frequent Posts

I’ve found myself at a frustrating point. I pack bento meals every week day for lunch, and had been posting them daily, but there are so many days that I am feeling really lazy and make a meal that’s really boring to look at.

I’ve also found myself giving out my business card or sharing my blog with people but feeling ashamed when I remembered the last few meals I posted. They’re not very pretty! Even if it’s a super simple bento, it needs to look good.

I’ve decided to drop my posts down to three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, unless there’s a special event(such as the Terminator movie) that I’m making a bento to correspond with. I feel like this gives me a buffer for boring bento meals and some peace of mind for sharing bento meals.

Of course, guest bloggers are welcome, if you are willing to post regularly, we can schedule you for a certain day, if you can manage once a month. This is exclusively a vegan blog, now, so your guest posts will need to be vegan.

I want to do guest posts more regularly, but I always feel so weird reaching out to people to ask them to share their bentos on my blog.

I’ll be back

I’ll need to practice more with cutting nori because I’m not very happy with how this art came out.  

If the Terminator looked better, I’d be happier with that, but there’s only so happy a gal can get, I’m going to re premiere tonight! Sadly there’s not a midnight release, I have to go at the wussy hour of 7pm, but at least this means my boyfriend can go with me.

I’m so hype for this movie that even through I NEVER attend movies by myself, I’d make an exception for this premiere. *trembles excitedly, like a chihuahua*

And since it’s a presentation, it’s all treats! Yay!