Kweh? Chocobento! Chocobo Bento

This bento took several attempts, but my boyfriend requested it! He got super excited over the idea of a Chocobo themed bento, so I took that idea and ran with it.


The mashed potatoes have an array of flakes in them from my failed attempts at making the Chocobo’s outline. First I attempted to outline it with ground up Dulse flakes, then chia seeds. Neither attempt worked, but when I remembered I had some vegan icing on hand from another cooking experiment and some food dye in my bento-based bar-cart,  I got to work. I snipped off the tip of a zip-lock bag and made my own pastry bag. The dye leeched into the potatoes a bit, overnight, but it held onto the color enough to give a really neat effect. The legs got a little messed up, but for a first attempt at ever doing icing art, I think it turned out great. I’m going to be trying out this with dyed mashed potatoes soon, to see if I can avoid all that extra stuff while still getting a pop of color.
Also in this bento is Gardein’s Barbecue “Wings,” Okra, and a couple slices of tomato.

The Bento of Death

As you may remember from my Devildriver bento post, you probably know that I dig alternative music. I’ve been a fan of Celldweller longer than every artist that I’m still into; it’s almost like as Klayton’s music has evolved, it’s like he hits the nail on the head for stuff that I’m hype about.

So when they put the call out for Celldweller themed art to publish in an artbook, of course I’m gonna jump on it! I submitted this yesterday afternoon, right after making it(and jamming to Celldweller- hey, you gotta set the mood).

I posted in my comment about the bento underneath, because I figured it’d be more fun for you to read it- it also gives you more of a peek into how I think, in general.


This meal is entirely edible, the art is done using dried seaweed and a black food marker on a slice of vegan Continue reading

Annapolis Bento

Today my mom, sister and I are all going up to Annapolis for the day. We usually stop for food in the Whole Foods, but I decided to pack for today to save some money(this bento contains at most, $2 of food, whereas I’d easily spend three times that on lunch in the Whole Foods). Continue reading