On Blogging Silence, Youtube, Podcasts and Paetreon

I’ve not been updating a lot lately. I’m not sorry.

I’m not going to make any excuses, I’ve just had to pick and choose and I’ve decided to not pump out half-arsed posts but instead not post at all. What I am sorry for is not deciding to tell you sooner. I kept thinking I’d be able to get back to more frequent posting sooner, but it just didn’t work out.

That being said, once the fall semester ends, I’m going to be working on a few things. First, I want to move this site over to be self-hosted. I want to be able to do pretty much whatever I want with The Bento Buff, and I feel like using wordpress.com is holding me back a bit. Next, I want to regularly record videos for the YouTube channel, and start up a podcast. That noted, in regards to my time and such, I think to make these quality, I’d need to cut back the number of regular bento posts to the site, but I intend for it all to be quality. I’ve also been working on going Zero Waste, so I’m getting used to preparing more foods from scratch instead of just slapping Gardein products in it(did you know their packaging is not recyclable?).

I’d like to launch a Paetreon to help pay for the hosting costs, too. I wonder what you guys would like as rewards for subscribers. Maybe monthly bento giveaways, extra videos, or extra podcast episodes or something of the sort?

Regardless, expect a little more silence as I work on the rest of the semester. I’ve been having a lot of fun on Instagram as of late, so if you want to say hi, hit me up on there or Twitter!

Sibling Bento


Sorry I haven’t posted much, I’ve been sick(I wanted to do a birthday themed bento for last Friday so badly, too!) so I’ve been downing a bunch of soup instead of eating bento, much to my chagrin. Now, I don’t mean to knock soup, I enjoy a cup every now and then, but it doesn’t carry so well in a bento.

This is a bento I made for my sister and had in the coffer(see what I did there? I’ve been coughing so much, wahhh) for a while, but decided to share it now. :)

Basic Vegan Bento


It’s no secret that I’m in college. That makes my lack of free time go without saying. I don’t usually have a lot of free time to just sit and make bento, so most of what I make is just stuff that’s microwaved.

I made fresh mashed sweet potatoes by washing, piercing a sweet potato with a fork, nuking it for 5 minutes, and after it came out, cut it up, added a little Earth Balance and salt. Then, I mashed it up with that same metal fork.

The cucumbers with hummus dip was super easy. I simply sliced up some of a cucumber and then halved the slices. In the silicone cup is a dallop of hummus to dip the slices in.

The Gardein is plain and microwaved, but tasty and a quick protein source, and the broccoli was nuked too, to get rid of some of the extra moisture so it wouldn’t make a ton of extra condensation in the box before lunch the next day. Also, pro-tip: Frozen vegetables tend to be a little bulkier than their soft, heated counterparts. It lets you stuff more food in your box if you heat it up before packing.

All in all, it was a really simple bento to make, and it’s made of pretty tasty stuff. You don’t need to have access to a full kitchen to eat a decent meal, all I needed was a sink, a cutting board, and a glass plate to microwave my food on before arranging it.

Ouija Bento


I will never understand why so many people are afraid of the ouija board. Even my fellow atheists get spooked being around one. I figured because this freaks out so many people it’d be a good bento and I’m pretty pleased with it (I made it in a late night fervor). The board is nori and mashed potatoes, accompanying is Morningstar’s Vegan Ribletts and broccoli.

As for how the ouija board really works, here’s some neato science! BBC article